Frontier Agriculture Collaborates with WHISHWORKS

Applied Tech Review | Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Frontier Agriculture has partnered with WHISHWORKS to expand their game-changing MyFarm farm management platform.

FREMONT, CA : Frontier Agriculture, the top crop production and grain marketing company, has partnered with WHISHWORKS, a global IT services consultancy, to expand its game-changing MyFarm farm management platform and become the favourite hub for all Frontier's digital services.

Agriculture is a complex industry for arable farmers, with several factors to consider in farm and crop management and environmental and political issues like preparing for efficient crop rotation, selling decisions, and staying updated with legislation.

MyFarm was established in 2012 as a free service to strengthen relationships between businesses and customers and provide real value to farmers. MyFarm offers real insight for Frontier customers by combining highly comprehensive crop recording, market data, and expert analysis on a single, easy-to-use online platform.

It is necessary to update MyFarms technology with new features to keep up with Frontiers ambitions and satisfy their customers' expectations after several years of successfully running.

Harvesting success with WHISHWORKS

Frontier engaged the services of WHISHWORKS to improve MyFarm so that it could fully realize its abilities as a stable, easy-to-use system that connected customers to their farm data.

WHISHWORKS worked to seamlessly integrate MyFarm with various data sources utilizing MuleSoft's Anypoint Platform as the primary integration layer to help Frontier use its current technology investment and accelerate the production and launch of the optimized MyFarm.

Frontier wanted to be able to reuse this API model while they started to develop MyFarm as a robust customer portal. It was also essential to automate current and future projects, digital solutions, and applications, making it the one-stop-shop for their digital services.

Paul Frost, IT Director at Frontier Agriculture, says:

"We do everything we can to provide expert advice, market commentary and efficient systems for our customers. WHISHWORKS has been able to expertly accelerate the process around creating a platform to facilitate that. They gave a structure to the development and launch of MyFarm that cut through many of the challenges we were facing, and our team is constantly supported by experts behind the frontline. Our team is now doing exactly what they need to be doing, with WHISHWORKS as our software development partner." 

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