Forge Nano Unveils Nanoscale Surface Engineering at an Industrial Speed and Efficiency

Applied Tech Review | Tuesday, December 08, 2020

Forge Nano incorporates Sundew Technology for improving speed, cost, and nano coatings efficiency on wafers and objects.

FREMONT, CA: Nanotech company Forge Nano unveils a cutting-edge Sundew technology to its suite of nano-scale, surface engineering solutions. The new line of industry-leading tools offers high speed, cost-effective nanocoatings for objects, and wafers. Building on the success in the energy storage market, this additional product line is used to develop cutting-edge technology in several applications, like; RF Devices (MMICs), Displays, Memory, Lighting, Power Electronics, Environmental Protection Barriers (nanolaminates), Medical Devices, and many more.

Forge Nano will handle the Service, Sales, and the Manufacturing of all Sundew systems at their brand new state of the art Innovation Lab near Denver, CO. With 16 commercial systems already placed in the field, Forge Nano is excited to serve the customers globally and to expand the adoption of this technology.

"Sundew developed and commercialized cost-effective, high efficiency ALD tools that combine breakthrough innovations to provide substantial productivity improvements and superior performance. These ALD tools are up to 100x faster, up to 90 percent more efficient and produce >40x less waste than traditional ALD tools. They enable zero waste processes, faster deposition, thicker films, and enhanced ability to deposit more difficult films, and substantially reduced cost and frequency of maintenance." Says Ofer Sneh- President Sundew Technologies

"To solve big problems, industries are turning to nano solutions. We are excited to bring Sundew's amazing technology into our portfolio. These additions widens our ALD equipment capabilities which continues to lead the world in coating more surface area, faster, and more efficient than anyone worldwide. By leveraging our expertise in PALD and Sundew's speed and efficiency breakthroughs we will continue to make nano coatings easier and cheaper than ever. The technologies of the future will be unlocked at the atomic level." States, Dr. Paul Lichty- CEO Forge Nano.

The new systems, THEIA, HELIOS, and APOLLO, adds to the Forge Nano's existing line of tools for powders, particles, and objects. These innovative solutions bring nanocoatings for objects and wafers into a completely new era of speed and efficiency.

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