FieldMicro Unveils World's Most Advanced Farming Automation, Control, and Monitoring System

By Applied Tech Review | Tuesday, November 03, 2020

Innovative tech brings farming into the 21st century, saving farmers time and money; partnership with John Deere provides insights into equipment.

FREMONT, CA: Farming meets 21st Century technology with the announcement from FieldMicro, an innovative automated agriculture and farm control monitoring system, including SmartFarm. This platform utilizes smart technology to make farming easier and more efficient. Whether farming crops or livestock, a farmer's valuable asset is their time. FieldMicro's vast array of innovative products and world-class design will enable the farmers to work smarter and not harder. FieldMicro has announced a partnership with John Deere to offer real-time data to the platform.

FieldMicro brings the "smart revolution" to the farm, enabling the farmers to control their systems and hardware, all at the press of a button.

"We are proud to introduce FieldMicro, which allows crop and livestock farmers to upgrade their farm and utilize the latest smart technology to enhance their operations to save time and money," says Mitch Brownlie, CEO of FieldMicro. "With an amazing array of features and technologies, not previously available to farmers, FieldMicro is poised to reinvent farm management and finally bring farming into the 21st Century."


FieldMicro'sSmartFarm is powered by FieldBot and is a portable remote-control device connected to farm equipment and hardware. FieldBots are equipped with an HD camera, a built-in solar panel, and sensors that monitor temperature, air pressure, humidity, motion, sound, and more. When setting up and used within minutes, FieldBot controls connected farm hardware, on-farm assets, and infrastructure and is compatible with most current equipment.


FieldMicro's cloud-based SmartFarm platform is the core controller for FieldBot and provides real-time monitoring, infrastructure automation, satellite imagery, and more significant insights into farm operations. The online platform enables farmers to see and hear what their FieldBots see and hear.
SmartFarm helps users control their infrastructure at the click of a button, anywhere, at any time. Users can monitor their irrigation systems, switch valves, monitor tank, open gates, and moisture levels, listen to real-time audio, view real-time footage, and shut down pumps from their operations center. As the system is cloud-based, the users can now control their farms from anywhere in the world.

John Deere

FieldMicro has partnered with John Deere to directly provide real-time data to the SmartFarm platform, offering greater insight into the operations and service history of farmers' tractors and equipment. Users can see the location and other live data from compatible John Deere machines on the SmartFarm platform. The available information includes vehicle details like fuel, oil, and hydraulic levels, and so on. Instructions can also be sent from the SmartFarm platform to the machines.

Farmers can access their John Deere machine remotely to mitigate the issues or make changes without making a trip to the field. They can view where and what the equipment is doing, including fuel usage, while protecting the machines with geofence and curfew alerts.

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