Enriching Live Event Experience with Three-Dimensional LED

Applied Tech Review | Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Technological inventions like three-dimensional LED are here to add scintillating and realistic elements and visuals to live events.  

FREMONT, CA: Event and entertainment technology solutions provider PRG partners with 3D Live, Inc., a company providing unique solutions for technologies such as 3D LED, augmented and virtual reality as well as mixed reality. The exclusive partnership enables PRG to provide 3D Live's patented display technology, holographic 3D LED display, to its clients for enhancing the quality of live events, while 3D Live will leverage PRG's LED walls.    

The exciting partnership will enable PRG to provide a one-of-a-kind experience to the audiences. The holographic technology from 3D Live creates very lively and immersive visuals with excellent brightness, colors, and contrast. 3D visualizations have a lot of depth and seem very close to augmented reality. When compared to displays based on projection technology, 3D LED comes as much more superior and immersive than any other. It creates the illusion of actual objects emerging out of screens.

Display Technology

The technology can be easily scaled to cater to crowds of thousands at low costs. The amount of realism that technology creates is unparalleled. It is poised to be a simple and cost-effective intervention that will create an impact on audience expectations. A 3D LED function with modular LED tile technology is compatible with any display that has 2D and 3D capabilities. As a result of the partnership, audiences will get to have unique experiences at stage shows and concerts, corporate events. It also has potential uses in the e-sports ecosystem.  


PRG has been offering innovative solutions and production logistics on rental basis for events. It has a broad client base from diverse areas of the media and entertainment industry as well as the corporate world. The company, with its superior technology and experience in the field of audio, video, lighting, rigging, and staging, makes events a great experience for the audience.  

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