Different Home Security Cameras to Know About

Applied Tech Review | Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Choosing between indoor and outdoor security cameras is primarily determined by the areas an individual wishes to protect.

FREMONT, CA: Cameras for home security are either indoor or outdoor. The security cameras fall into several subcategories, including wired and wireless, battery-powered and AC-powered, floodlight and doorbell cameras. Weather-resistant cameras can tolerate rain, sun, and dust.

Different types of security cameras for the home

Wired indoor cameras

A coaxial cable or an ethernet cable connects wired indoor security cameras to a central recording device. These are typically dome cameras mounted on ceilings that provide a wide field of view throughout a home. They are usually installed by a professional.

Indoor wireless cameras

Wireless indoor cameras, also known as Wi-Fi or IP cameras, connect to a Wi-Fi network and store their footage in the cloud. They're simple to instal because they don't require a cable to transmit their video feed, but they need power. Various specialty indoor cameras are available, including treats-dispensing cameras for dog or cat and baby cams that monitor the temperature, humidity, and air quality in a baby's room.

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Wired outdoor cameras

Outdoor cameras wired to a central recording device are typically bullet-style, as their long, cylindrical shape suggests. They can be scaled up on walls or ceilings and do not require an electrical connection. Numerous wired cameras can be used outdoors or indoors and are typically installed by a professional.

Outdoor wireless cameras

Wireless outdoor cameras are similar to indoor cameras but are larger and more resistant to the elements. They typically have a broad field of view (130 degrees or greater) and cover a larger area than most wired bullet cameras. They should be attached to a wall or structure with a specialised mounting plate and screws. Some incorporate a spotlight and siren to assist in scaring away intruders.

Wire-Free outdoor cameras

Outdoor wire-free cameras are wireless cameras powered by batteries (typically rechargeable) and thus do not require an outlet. They document only when motion is detected and are extremely easy to instal. Wire-free cameras usually offer the same features as wireless cameras, except they cannot record continuously due to battery power limitations. Specific wire-free cameras allow for the addition of a solar panel to assist in keeping the batteries charged.

Cameras with floodlights

These are outdoor wireless cameras equipped with a large floodlight that activates in conjunction with the camera. This enables them to capture more detailed video and possibly scare off intruders. They can be hardwired into existing lighting circuits or plugged into a standard outlet.

Doorbells with video surveillance

This popular outdoor camera style replaces the standard doorbell with one equipped with a camera. When motion is recognised or the doorbell is pressed, the camera begins recording and activates two-way audio on the smartphone, smart speaker, or smart TV, allowing an individual to see and speak with whoever is at the front door. Additionally, it records the interaction if one does not answer the ring to review it later.

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