Cytiva to collaborate with China's Wego Pharmaceutical Co Ltd to expand its manufacturing lines

Applied Tech Review | Thursday, January 20, 2022

With the aim to expand the manufacturing capacity for bioprocessing single-use consumables in China, Cytiva is collaborating with China’s Wego Pharmaceutical Co Ltd.

FREMONT, CA: Cytiva is expanding manufacturing capacity for bioprocessing single-use consumables in China in collaboration with China's Wego Pharmaceutical Co Ltd. The two companies are expanding an existing facility that they launched together in 2018, claiming that newly added manufacturing lines will triple Asia-Pacific supply capacity for single-use consumables. The planned expansion will include eight new manufacturing lines, two of which are expected to start by the end of 2021, with the remaining six scheduled to launch in Q3 2022. It expands the ISO Class 7 cleanroom's manufacturing area by 1300 square meters and includes a 1200 square meter warehouse to further reduce lead time and increase flexibility for customers.

According to Li Hua, general manager of Cytiva China, the increased capacity will help the region improve manufacturing resilience with shorter lead times, while maintaining the delivery of high-quality products to their customers throughout the region. In addition, Cytiva announced the addition of new products, 100L to 1,000L Xcellerex mixer bags, to the manufacturing portfolio of the expanded facility. They will use Fortem technology, which is the company's single-use characterized film. Because it is manufactured locally, it is better to provide business continuity to their customers. These efforts are part of the 1.5 billion dollars investment announced in July by Cytiva and Pall Corporation.

Francis Van Parys, vice president, Cytiva Asia Pacific stated that as global demand grows, customers demand greater flexibility and adaptability, resulting in a growing trend of domestic manufacturing, and Cytiva's In-region, for-region strategy meets these needs. He also told BioPharma-Reporter about how the company is addressing the region's diverse needs while also supporting the region's exponential growth in research and development for APAC markets. Collaboration is the key driver of research and development in the biopharma industry, according to the Global Biopharma Resilience Index, which Cytiva conducted in collaboration with Financial Times Company, Longitude.

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