Coalition Agreement in Germany Aims for More Sustainable Transport.

Applied Tech Review | Thursday, January 06, 2022

The newly elected German federal coalition government has presented an agreement titled Mehr Fortschritt Wagen.

FREMONT, CA: A coalition agreement is presented by the newly-elected German federal coalition government. This agreement is titled Mehr Fortschritt Wagen which can be translated as dare to innovate or dare to make progress. However, this will have several ramifications for the transport industry. The three coalition parties agreed on a reform of subsidies for electric cars and building alternative transport modes although they did not agree on an end date for the combustion engine. There is a need for improvement in charging infrastructure, while the promotion is shared and autonomous public transport vehicles are required. This also includes an obligation to transfer a proportion of both personal mobility and logistics off Germany's roads and in short-haul flights, and onto rail transport.

Further, there will be investments in public transport, supporting cycling and pedestrian mobility. By 2030, the German grid energy mix should be made up of 80 percent renewable energy. A target for 2030 is set by the coalition agreement to at least hold 15 million fully electric passenger cars - referring to battery and fuel cell electric vehicles - and will shortly exclude most combustion engine hybrids.

However, the clear end date for these combustion engines is not yet mentioned in this agreement, which is where the FDP has been specifically stroppy. While Greens actually want to end the sale of the new combustion engines by 2030, the centrist, reformist, capitalist party argued in the election campaign against excluding combustion engines. In the transport sector in Europe, only CO2-neutral vehicles will be registered as per the proposals of the European Commission and its effects will be early in Germany correspondingly as stated by the agreement. They are also dedicated to ensuring that only the vehicles that can be demonstrably fuelled with e-fuels can be registered newly.

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