Cleaning Up Environment with the Help of Technology

Applied Tech Review | Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Though technology and the environment are on the opposite ends of the spectrum, the world is looking for ways to save the environment with the help of technology.

FREMONT, CA: Saving the environment with the help of technology is assisting in developing better ecosystems or remedy the damages done to the environment by deploying both organic and inorganic techniques for a cleaner planet. Technology has helped the world simplify lives. It has made the world a smaller place, helped fight off the deadliest diseases, and remediated the most complicated problems for the world. The next issue that stands before the world is that of the ecological changes they face. Keeping in mind the ability technology has, environmental scientists are now saving the environment with technology.

Attached to a drone, the palm-size tool has a more acute sense of smell than a dog and can reach heights out of reach of conventional air quality stations. Called Sniffer4D can detect and analyze in real-time up to nine various types of gases and particles in the atmosphere. Developed by Shenzhen-powered clean tech start-up shareability, the device can be attached to drones or ground vehicles. First released in 2018 and upgraded in April this year, it is now being leveraged to monitor air pollution, ship emissions, pipelines, and hazardous material leakage.

The hyperlocal and timely data on air quality can assist citizens and policymakers make the best decisions. Besides hardware, the firm also offers software that analyses and visualizes in 3D the gas concentration distribution in real-time. It plans to release two new products soon: a drone module that can take gas samples from the air and a drone accessory to gauge wind speed and direction.

Fighting pollution is one of the major battles. Together with poverty reduction and attaining financial stability, concerns that economic growth will take precedence over environmental hurdles have surfaced after the world's second-largest economy impacted its first quarterly contraction on record while the Covid-19 pandemic.

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