BobCAD-CAM Partners with MSI to Deliver High Performance Laptops for CAD/CAM Software

Applied Tech Review | Thursday, October 29, 2020

FREMONT, CA: BobCAD-CAM, a developer of CAD/CAM software for the CNC metalworking and manufacturing industry announced its partnership with Micro Star International (MSI), an innovator of motherboards, graphics cards, notebooks, and all-in-one PCs. It focuses to provide quality laptop solutions of high performance CAD/CAM software for the manufacturers and job shops. 

MSI deliver high performance hardware to manage the processing demands of CAD/CAM software, such as complex 3D model design, realistic CAM simulations and large volumes of toolpath calculations.  Its products are used for PC gaming, digital arts, and CNC machining industries. MSI Mobile Workstations have been pre-certified by 3D like SolidWorks and Adobe to ensure compatibility, reliability, and stability for professional applications.

BobCAD-CAM’s advanced CAD-CAM software create machine toolpaths to manufacture 2D &3D parts on 2-5 axis CNC machines. The software processed large amounts of data and calculations to generate machine toolpaths by creating the machine g-code readable at the CNC machine controller. The software is designed to utilize the full processing capabilities of the operating computer. The NVIDIA graphics cards and Intel processors used in MSI laptops offer superior hardware power to handle CAD/CAM software with ease.

“We’ve been testing various workstations for the last year or so. Our goal has been to find a powerful PC that works well with our software within an affordable price range. MSI really hit the mark on all accounts. We especially liked the fact that we’re able to offer our clients multiple high quality laptop options at various performance levels to fit any budget. I firmly believe that our clients will be impressed with how well CAD/CAM software runs on MSI laptops,” said Sean Owen, COO, BobCAD-CAM.

BobCAD-CAM introduces three MSI laptop models. They are: WS60- a high-end/high performance laptop designed for CAD/CAM software, PX Series- serious performance power with the newest model Intel i7 Processor, and PE Series- a quality workstation with the BobCAD-CAM software.



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