Backstreet Surveillance Releases NDAA Certified Backstreet Cyber Secure Series

Applied Tech Review | Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Backstreet Cyber Secure Series is an advanced IP-based video surveillance system that is NDAA certified and provides next-generation video surveillance and artificial intelligence capabilities to Businesses.

FREMONT, CA: “Video surveillance is the most important strategic element of any facility security plan. As such, it is vital that the video system itself be secure,” states Scott McQuarrie, CEO of Backstreet Surveillance. Backstreet Surveillance, Inc., a leading manufacturer of do-it-yourself security camera systems, has released the Backstreet Cyber Secure Series, a next-generation advanced, "hardened," IP-based video surveillance system.

“Backstreet Cyber Secure is NDAA government certified and uses zero technologies or components from unauthorized sources, ensuring it is free from hidden hardware or software backdoors or weak security portals. In addition, it essentially delivers every element the market has asked the surveillance industry to provide in a single platform. This includes advanced deep learning AI, P2P remote access, automated motion tracking, gunshot detection and location ID, 24hr color night vision video technology, facial detection, profile identification, people counting and much more.” adds McQuarrie.

Security staff and company management may now guide activities in new and imaginative ways thanks to this technology. In a retail context, for example, if a checkout queue has more than five people in it, the system can immediately dispatch additional personnel. Additionally, the Backstreet Cyber Secure system's facial detection detects when illegal personnel, vehicles, or even animals enter the building, property, or specialized work area, going far beyond badges and access control cards to provide real-time protection.

The 360-degree camera is a standout feature of the system. The arial fisheye view may be digitally changed to 16 distinct viewing angles thanks to advanced picture processing software. As a result, numerous crisp 90-degree fields of vision are available from a single camera, allowing for optimum monitoring flexibility. This camera also has two-way audio, allowing you to communicate with workers and visitors from a distance, such as in a lobby or with first responders in an emergency.

Hardened Remote Access, Gunshot Detection, Location and Tracking, 360-Degree Camera with AI Support, Built-In Microphones for Audio Recording, Deep Learning AI, and many more such features are included in the Backstreet Cyber Secure Series.

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