Aspectum and Planet Announce the Formation of a Strategic Partnership

Applied Tech Review | Tuesday, October 20, 2020

The new strategic partnership allows Aspectum users to access planets’ high-resolution satellite imagery and rich geospatial data.

FREMONT, CA: Aspectum and Planet announce the formation of a strategic partnership to provide businesses with turnkey change and object detection projects based on satellite imagery. From now on, Aspectum users will be able to access customized maps that feature analytics and high-resolution data from Planets constellations of satellites. The Planet is the provider of near-daily satellite imagery data and insights that pilots the worlds’ largest active fleet of Earth-imaging satellites.

The Planet is the leading offerer of global, near-daily satellite imagery data and insights that pilots the world’s largest active fleet of Earth-imaging satellites. The firm provides imagery and analytic solutions available through Planet Explorer. Planets mission lies in better understanding the changes of the Earth and making them accessible and actionable. The company prides itself on offering insights in near real-time, an approach to agile aerospace, and cutting-edge solutions for complete geospatial data and analytics.

Planets is pleased to have Aspectrum join its dynamic partner network and look forward to offering data-rich imagery together to help inform client decisions when they need it most. The collaboration between Aspectum and Planet is intended to provide organizations with full reports on geospatial data and satellite imagery. All a client has to do is request a piece of information on the object in any location. Coupling satellite data from Planet and the processing abilities from EOS, they will get the data in their account with widgets, visualization, and insights derived from the changes. Besides, Aspectum empowers post-processing analytics with location intelligence, like calculating the efficient AOI to estimate the necessary volume of satellite data.

By using satellite imagery from Planet and data analysis from EOS and Aspectum, its customers will have a comprehensive understanding of the monitored locations and get a robust, reliable, and convenient intelligence tool to study insights in real-time and make informed decisions. They can monitor the change of environmental and industrial objects, gain situational awareness during emergencies, land use, monitor and audit urban development, follow forestry management, and the like.

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