Applications of Robotics in Various Sectors

Applied Tech Review | Thursday, August 18, 2022

A wide range of robots and co-bots (bots that work alongside humans) are used in various sectors to streamline the work efficiently. 

FREMONT, CA: A robot is a perfect technology for the future because it has a wide range of use cases that make it the ideal technology. In the coming years, the world will witness seeing robots almost everywhere. As robots are designed to respond to a wide range of needs and fulfill many special purposes, they require a wide range of specialized components to ensure they can accomplish their tasks. Robotics for human augmentation could soon become a reality, with bots that can transform humans by making them faster and more robust. 

Robots in logistics

Most retailers and logistics companies increasingly depend on warehouse robots for shipping, handling, and quality control. Currently, robots take items off the shelves, transport them across the warehouse floor and package them. As companies are now used to receiving packages at lightning speeds, logistics companies are employing robots in their warehouses and even on the road to help maximize the time efficiency of their operations. A rise in last-mile robots (robots that autonomously deliver the package to the door) will ensure a high probability of coming face-to-face with a logistical bot. 

Household robots

In most homes, robots can be used to do all sorts of household chores. They keep reminding about schedules or even entertaining children. There are a lot of robots that are being designed to ease out the household work. Furthermore, robots have evolved to the point where they can now do everything from cutting grass autonomously to cleaning the swimming pool.

Travel robots

The concept of self-driving cars is no longer the stuff of science fiction. Data science and robotics are combining to create the self-driving vehicles that are taking the world by storm today. Many companies are working hard to create a new wave of travel that will allow people to sit back and enjoy the ride. A number of ridesharing companies are also working on the development of autonomous rideshare vehicles that do not require humans to operate them.

Healthcare robotics 

The healthcare industry has also made tremendous strides in the use of robots. Robots have become integral to every aspect of healthcare, from using robotics to assist surgeons during surgery to helping humans recover from injuries through physical therapy. Pharmaceutical companies are employing robots to help them fight COVID-19. The bots are now being used to seal and fill COVID-19 testing swabs and to produce personal protective equipment (PPE) and respirators by some manufacturers.

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