Advantages of Indoor Positioning Systems

Applied Tech Review | Thursday, January 13, 2022

A combination of an indoor navigation solution and an indoor position system opens up a whole new universe of possibilities.

FREMONT, CA: An indoor positioning system (IPS) makes it possible to determine the location of objects or persons within a structure. Due to the unreliability of GPS non interior environments due to the lack of visible contact with GPS satellites, an IPS (indoor positioning system) must rely on alternate positioning technologies. These include popular consumer protocols like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and solutions based on Ultra-wideband (UWB) or passive RFID.

When it comes to localization within buildings, there are two types of positioning: client-based and server-based. Client-based localization enables the end user's position directly on the device (e. g. smartphone). Localization is performed on a server in the case of server-based localization.



Indoor wayfinding becomes much easier with an indoor positioning system, as users are no longer need to manually enter their current location when moving from point A to point B. Similarly, they do not need to keep track of doors, turns, or the like because they can see their current location on the map (blue dot) as they go through the building.

Enhancements to the user experience

Additionally, IPS improves the user experience. Apart from making navigation easier for users, an indoor positioning system ensures a similar user experience to Google Maps, which users are already familiar with and adore.


Additionally, using an indoor positioning system, one may perform heat mapping to determine how people move across his venue using an indoor positioning system. This provides critical insight into what works well about his layout and what may be altered to boost sales at goods stalls, shorten wait times at food and beverage vendors, and differentiate stand pricing at conferences.

Location-based marketing

Indoor navigation and indoor positioning work in tandem to provide the benefits of location-based marketing. This enables one to provide a more personalized experience, but it also enables one to turn his investment into a profitable business. By allowing exhibitors, sponsors, and partners to purchase marketing opportunities via push notifications, one may add attention to his venue and potentially enhance his ROI.

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