Advanced Gas Sensors now Available in Market, Improving Safety against Combustible Gases

Applied Tech Review | Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Highly reliable sensors can make safety against inflammable gases in industrial as well as domestic setups achievable.

FREMONT, CA: Expanding the range of products, NevadaNano launched a set of smart gas sensors recently. Their new release, MPS Family of Gas Sensors, has been designed keeping in mind broad applicability across all the environments which come in close contact with combustible gases. Combustible gases safety is essential because gas leaks can be destructive and fatal.

In the industries where combustible gases are used, having a mechanism to detect gas leaks at the earliest is essential. Highly sensitive devices are appropriate to ensure accurate detection of any traces of gas leakage. The three sensors launched by NevadaNano can prove instrumental in enhancing industrial safety. Gas detection in the oil industry, mining industry and in public spaces can become reliable and effective with the new sensors. The impressive part about these products is their compatibility with the existing detection systems, which means, these can be easily incorporated.

The sensors are a result of innovative technologies and are capable of detecting and quantifying several explosive gases, including methane and LGW refrigerants. Compared to the other types of detectors available in the market, these sensors are expected to give better cost-effectiveness and higher reliability. Longevity is another feature of the new sensors that ensure these don't fail upon exposure to industrial chemicals.

NevadaNano is a company that specializes in sensor technology. They manufacture detectors using Molecular Property Spectrometer for identifying and quantifying gases in the environment. Their products are meant for offices, industries as well as homes, and their technology finds application in fields like agriculture, healthcare, manufacturing and personal health.

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