7 Benefits of Digital Kiosks CIOs Should Know to Enhance Their Business Productivity

Rachel Smith, Applied Technology Review | Monday, February 08, 2021

Digital kiosk is currently the buzz word in the retail industry. It not only takes care of customer convenience but also helps businesses in boosting their productivity.

FREMONT, CA: With the world turning entirely digital, today's consumers are much more comfortable with researching about products and services of their interest and purchasing through technology. Therefore, an interactive digital kiosk is a perfect arrangement between the brick and mortar retail ambiance, i.e., a physical store or shop in a public venue and the convenience of the e-commerce world.

Interactive digital kiosks are offering new and exciting offers with lucrative benefits to well-established organizations, as well as those who have just entered the retail market. With each passing day, more and more organizations are equipping their stores with these digital kiosks as it possesses the capability to provide steady, stable growth, and an increase in profit.

Initiating the process, they empower businesses to drive sales opportunities and reach more customers. Besides, they also provide operational strategies that allow for an enhanced level of visibility to grow brand value. Here's a look at some of the benefits that interactive digital kiosks offer.

1. Reduce business expenses

The online business has not only managed to provide its customers with quick, convenient, and efficient service but has also managed to personalize it with multiple retailers requiring customers to log in to an account where all their personal information and purchase history is stored. Delivering personalized services to customers is a form of art that lets the company's brand to communicate and engage with its customers successfully.

These wall-mounted or freestanding touch screens enable the users to have access to all the information associated with the product or service that the company provides. The customers can see the online catalog of the company and can also place an order for a particular product they want in stock. The digital kiosks seem to be more engaging than an employee.

2. Enhance customer service

From providing comprehensive information of a product or service in a digital form to processing ticket registrations and orders and much more, digital kiosks handle all the retail tasks and functions. The customers can skip the queues and perform necessary tasks on their own by swiping left and right with their fingers. Theses kiosks enable businesses to offer more comprehensive and efficient services to their customers. Better customer service is equal to guaranteed satisfaction.

3. Boosts business efficiency

Interactive digital kiosks enable the retail stores to streamline the shopper's experience efficiently and effectively. These kiosks can work 24/7, which saves the business a lot of money.

Besides long working hours, digital kiosks deliver a consistent and quality customer experience while working consistently day in and day out. They are extremely helpful in performing simple and mundane tasks like answering queries, providing information, and facilitating transactions, thus enabling the staff members to focus more on vital and challenging tasks.

4. Increase sales

Today, organizations outfit their shops, stores, outlets, and other spaces with branded digital kiosks. This helps them in supercharging their sales and build up new and innovative lines of income that all lead back to their financial account.

According to surveys, two-thirds of the customers that walk into the shop don't know what they want to buy. They might know what they need like breakfast cereal but don't know what brand or type they really want.

It is a highly effective approach to market specific products and connect other items onto it that push the customers to purchase them. This is done by displaying special promotions, bundled packages, discounts, or other tempting offers. Thus, the customers definitely purchase far more than they anticipated purchasing and joyfully walk out of the store.

5. Deliver faster return on investment

The increase in sales leads to a faster return on investment. For example, equipping a retail store with an interactive digital kiosk increases its revenue by $1000 every week. The unit will pay itself off within 12 months, and after that, the company can enjoy pure profits.

The increase or decrease in sales depends upon the industry. In a nutshell, the digital kiosks can pay for themselves while putting profits in the company's pocket.

6. Enable businesses to understand consumer behavior

The interactive digital kiosks assist retailers in learning the buying habits of consumers through analytics. This information gives businesses the key to offering their customers what they want, i.e., an improved buying experience, more alluring offers, and more targeted advertising, all of which hover back to increased sales.

If used in login systems, this technology can be used to remember the consumer identities along with their preferences, interests, and search histories. Using this data, the digital kiosks offer them personalized deals as well as attractive discounts on products and services; thus prompting them to click the purchase button.

7. Help in boosting job satisfaction

As mentioned above, the digital kiosks help in freeing up the time of the staff by performing more tedious and mundane tasks. This leads to staff devoting their time, and focus more on tasks that require more responsibility, talent, and skill, which is highly motivating.

The staff will continuously gain knowledge and acquire new skills as well as handle more responsibility. Their increased involvement and skill help the kiosks generate more revenue and boost the productivity of the business. This means that the staff can also enjoy better compensation which definitely enhances their job satisfaction level and increase staff retention.

Thus, these interactive digital kiosks not only enhance visibility, customer experience, brand awareness, and business efficiency but also accelerates revenue and organization growth. 

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