3 Advantages of Using Rugged Tech in Manufacturing

Applied Tech Review | Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Tasks can be completed faster with workers equipped with rugged devices, and inventory can be managed seamlessly.

FREMONT, CA: Rugged technology is being used to great effect in several industries. In the manufacturing industry specifically, these devices are becoming increasingly essential as manufacturing companies optimize operations without affecting quality. There are many ways in which rugged devices can be useful in manufacturing environments – inventory control, machinery maintenance, and enhancing visibility are some examples. Below is a closer look at each of these applications to show why manufacturers are investing more in rugged technology.

Quality Control

Quality control is an essential aspect of manufacturing, particularly in companies involving food and beauty products. Rugged devices have the potential to include applications and extensions that all adhere to regulations. They will also monitor and track any standards and even have methods to ensure that the quality is met. Rugged tablets have one benefit over consumer-grade tablets – they have been developed with enterprises in mind. This allows them to offer features and applications that have manufacturers, like those in the manufacturing sector, in mind.


Rugged devices possess incredible strength, which is exceptionally advantageous to manufacturing firms. Many of the areas in the sector have extreme vibrations and temperatures. Many consumer-grade tablets are not developed to withstand these types of environments, which is why rugged devices are a perfect choice. Not only are they built to withstand dust and water, but they are built in a way that guards them against all vibrations, shocks, and drops. Rugged tablets have been developed both internally and externally to be able to withstand harsh environments.

3D Camera Technology

One of the most latest technologies, which benefits the manufacturing process is 3D imaging. With the implementation of rugged tablets, any worker can access this feature, assisting with their work. Rugged devices will also accelerate the whole process by enabling workers to check their designs and compare their products. 3D imaging is an application that can be added to rugged devices. As rugged tablets are compatible with most systems, these designs can also be accessed on other devices.

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