MCPc: Managing Asset Disposition Requirements

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Keith Slaby: Operations Supervisor- STAD, MCPcKeith Slaby: Operations Supervisor- STAD
As the sophistication of IT hardware increases, repurposing or disposing of the retiring or end-oflife electronic equipment can be daunting for many organizations. There is no denying that companies should keep the data secure and compliant but also consider environmental and financial factors while choosing an appropriate IT disposition program. By providing the utmost attention to security, sustainability, and asset value intelligence, MCPc, a global data protection company, delivers on its commitment to 100% data destruction and 0% landfill. Its flagship disposition program stringently manages a full range of asset disposition requirements. The company’s services are specifically designed to reduce risk, manage compliance, and optimize the total cost of IT ownership. “We protect our client’s assets through its entire lifespan starting from the moment they decide to purchase the assets until they decide to repurpose or dispose of them,” mentions Keith Slaby, Operations Supervisor at MCPc.

MCPc goes the extra mile to inform and educate its customers and prospects about the significance of sustainability. Slaby says that the amount of e-waste being dumped every year is staggering, and from a sustainability perspective, MCPc considers e-waste as a global environmental issue that requires immediate attention. As only half of the states in the country have regulations around controlling or managing e-waste, the waste gets disposed of not needed inappropriately, posing serious risks that can affect the environment both locally and internationally.
Moreover, the customer’s goals relating to IT asset disposition are often focused on the security first and sustainability later. For that reason, MCPc makes sure their processes are built to ensure the best security possible.

We protect our client’s assets through its entire lifespan starting from the moment they decide to purchase the assets until they decide to repurpose or dispose of them

“As sustainability and brand value go hand-in-hand, we completely wipe the data before repurposing or disposing of the device to ensure security – this is essential in highly regulated industries like healthcare and financial services,” mentions Slaby. While disposing of the assets, the company diligently maintains a fully transparent and meticulous chainof-custody protocol to protect its client’s data and assets.

At the core of MCPc’s disposition program is a high security, purpose-built 120,000-square-foot Secure Technology Asset Disposition (STAD) facility located in Old Brooklyn, OH. The facility maintains a secure environment and strictly adheres to industry-leading standards during the entire disposition process. MCPc’s strict process leverages operational segregation, access diversity, video surveillance, perimeter sensoring, personnel-based monitoring, and cybersecurity provisions to make the process best-of-breed. Above all, the disposition program adheres to stringent auditing and reporting.

On its mission to promote sustainability initiatives globally and provide greater access to top-notch IT asset disposition services, MCPc has partnered with Ingram Micro ITAD. The partnership allows MCPc to use Ingram Micro’s software platforms for detailed IT asset disposition scheduling, data sanitization, processing, remarketing, and recycling. The partnership enables the company to make its services accessible to global clients.

At present, MCPc caters to a diverse clientele ranging from healthcare, banking and finance, and manufacturing. Apart from IT asset disposition, the company extends its services in areas such as technology logistics, IT asset management, managed security services, and talent solutions. Recently, they built the MCPc Cyber Education Center at Mercyhurst University in Erie, PA. The company envisions that the demand for skilled workforce in cybersecurity will be helped with this initiative. Moving ahead, the company plans to establish multiple asset disposition centers and is in the process of secure international environmental certifications, including ISO 14001.
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Cleveland, OH

Keith Slaby: Operations Supervisor- STAD

MCPc, is a global data protection company that helps its clients minimize business disruption and achieve SecurityCertaintySM . The company’s asset disposition programis specifically designed to optimize the total cost of IT ownership while reducingdata risk, managing compliance, and protecting the environment through sustainable recycling. The companyprotectsitsclient’s assets through the entire lifespan of IT assets starting from the moment they decide to purchase them and ultimately to the end when they decide to repurpose or dispose of those assets

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