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Seymour Liebman, Chairman, BriefCamSeymour Liebman, Chairman
“This area is under surveillance”—is a phrase that can be seen across places and signifies the growing necessity of physical security. As companies strive to improve their security posture, they are rapidly shifting toward 24 X 7 video monitoring services which represent a paradigm shift in leveraging security systems. While monitoring live footage is one aspect; deriving insights from the same can prove to be resourceful in preventing undesirable incidents. Transforming the existing dynamics of surveillance is BriefCam whose offerings specialize in video review and search to generate actionable insights. Combining computer vision and machine learning, the company has developed a Video Content Analytics Platform that fosters data-driven decision making. From government agencies to law enforcement organizations to smart cities, the company has procured a widespread customer base. “We allow organizations to derive exponential value from their current video surveillance system investments,” says Tom Edlund, CTO of BriefCam.


BriefCam’s motto of making videos “searchable, quantifiable and actionable” enables them to cater to urgent situational security and surveillance necessities while maintaining efficiency and timeliness. Being able to fulfill the existing business requirements, BriefCam’s solution is designed with on-premise, cloud, hybrid, centralized and distributed deployment options. The ability to detect, classify, and recognize a plethora of object classes, attributes, behaviors, and faces are key differentiators of the product’s robust video analytics capabilities. Irrespective of the format of a video, it is able to create a systematic database of objects for on-time alerts and granular search.

BriefCam’s offering is known for its rapid review capability where the computer vision and deep learning technologies, along with its Video Synopsis® application, enhance the investigators’ ability to pinpoint specific objects and people. With the option of filtering footage based on appearance, and behavior of people, the time taken to avert a crime decreases. Especially, in the case of studying a crime scene, BriefCam allows the user to survey a larger radius of an area to discover minute details that would’ve gone unnoticed. By expediting the overall process of video inspection, a single person can perform multiple tasks of detecting, tracking and extracting information through their specialized platform, which would normally require a team to do.

While reviewing the video is an important aspect, BriefCam’s service is not limited to traditional surveillance methods. After analyzing and classifying information derived from a video, users can derive informative insights and also visualize the same within customizable dashboards and reports.
Superimposing objects on the background helps in accelerating the process of reviewing footage along with the help of Smart Synopsis which allows the user to focus solely on relevant objects.

When an object of interest is detected, the user can visualize it by referring to the original video, so that it can be eventually used as evidence. Studying crowd demographics and movement patterns, recognizing crime hotspots, implementing a systematic traffic flow and listing suitable store locations are different ways through which BriefCam can optimize business operations and surveillance. Such an initiative, in particular, by the company promotes economic growth and reduces crime rates.

Leveraging our platform’s advanced deep learning and artificial intelligence capabilities, law enforcement agencies globally are protecting what matters most

Although a place may have installed multiple cameras for thorough monitoring, the lack of means to process the footage reduces the impact of such security. BriefCam allows its user to highlight events that require immediate attention by invoking a call to action that provides a quick assessment for effective results. Within the platform, a specialized search engine helps in generating Smart Alerts while maintaining accuracy, sensitivity and operational efficiency that reduces false positives.

Real-time notifications of events such as people entering restricted areas, cyclists using the sidewalk, jaywalking, and vehicles on train tracks among others enhance the safety levels within a particular vicinity.
  • BriefCam allows its user to highlight events that require immediate attention by invoking a call to action that provides a quick assessment for effective results

While users can leverage the rapid review and search capabilities of Briefcam’s solution; their face recognition technology is an added benefit of the Video Content Analytics platform. With its one-of-a-kind face matching ability, security agencies can easily pinpoint suspects and send out alerts in real-time with the help of imported image sources and data extracted from the video. Additional features such as Close- Up Clips assist in creating a preview of an event, where the automatic zoom-in provides a distinct and clear image of the persons involved. Being able to identify localities that are significantly active than others, and places, where objects remain stagnant for a suspected long time, are some of the ways that organizations can leverage the Deep Learning and Computer Vision technologies that are powering BriefCam’s offering.

As every company has varying requirements—from the need for on-premise solutions to videos being collected from various external sources—BriefCam has structured itself accordingly to develop a flexible architecture. Depending upon the client’s needs, a customized solution can be designed that enhances their existing video surveillance system. By integrating seamlessly with Video Management Systems (VMS), Physical Security Information Management Systems (PSIM), Command and Control Systems (C&C), and Cloud-based Video Surveillance Solutions, BriefCam can offer comprehensive security solution. In one such case, the Hartford Police Department that has the responsibility of protecting approximately 125,000 residents and a plethora of businesses was, aiming to promote economic growth and increase the scope of business development in the city. To ensure systematic security throughout Hartford, the police department created the Real Time Crime Center. Given the immense volume of data collected from the camera footage, Hartford PD required a solution that would transform the information into informative insights.

With the application of BriefCam’s solution, Hartford PD was able to optimize their crime detection process by tracking and identifying suspects. Through the heat map surveillance feature, the task of locating crime hotspots became easier. By placing cameras at prime locations, they were able to rapidly review the videos to confirm if drugs were being sold. Surveying multiple locations at the same time could never have been easier for Hartford PD. The ability to load footage from external sources was an added benefit while solving investigations. Unable to solve a former case earlier as insufficient witness descriptions were not leading to a suspect. Hartford PD decided to re-investigate the case using BriefCam’s technology. By browsing through videos before the day of the incident, and with its face recognition feature, they could locate the suspect successfully. “Leveraging our platform’s advanced deep learning and artificial intelligence capabilities, law enforcement agencies globally are protecting what matters most,” adds Edlund.


By revolutionizing the existing scenario of security systems in the market, the company has been on the receiving end of various accolades such as The Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award, CNBC Europe’s 25 Most Creative Companies, the Govies Government Security Award among others.

Continuing to encourage law enforcement agencies to leverage their video analytics platform, retailers to detect shoplifters and prevent criminal incidents among others, the company aims to establish a robust security system globally. While enhancing their offerings is a part of their agenda, they plan to focus on economic prosperity, and quality of life to ultimately improve public safety.
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Seymour Liebman, Chairman

BriefCam is the leading provider of video analytics software that enables people, companies, and communities to unlock the value of video surveillance content. Delivering accurate, flexible, and comprehensive solutions, BriefCam’s video analytics platform provides valuable insights for accelerating investigations, increasing situational awareness, and enhancing operational intelligence.

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