What are the Important Features of IoRT?

Applied Tech Review | Tuesday, September 14, 2021

IoRT can help to create complete autonomous networks capable of carrying out complex tasks in the physical world.

FREMONT, CA: For the majority of technical history, the objective has been on making technologies connect with humans or using devices to interact with other humans. People utilized the internet to send emails to other humans, keep tabs on them on social media, and purchase them.

The goal of the Internet of Things is to reduce the human influence in the communication network. The internet becomes a network of gadgets communicating to one other, rather than a network of humans connected through technologies. IoT is essentially a network of things that can communicate with one another.

It's also about minimizing human interference in robotics. Companies create robotics as a means of delegating human activities to machines. Robots can help or even do duties in place of people.

What is IoRT?                

The Internet of Robotic Things (IoRT) can be defined as a research field that addresses the intersection of IoT with robotics.

IoRT is a fusion of the disciplines and not IoT helped by Robotics or Robotics driven by IoT. It grew gradually due to realizations that the two factors had a lot of purpose overlapping and might benefit substantially from a focus on their integration.

Edge Computing, Cloud Computing, Cloud Robotics, and AI in IoT are also supporting IoRT.

The Internet of Things (IoRT) is a method for creating autonomous networks capable of performing complex activities in the physical world. The capability of robotic technology to affect the physical world, combined with the abilities of the Internet of Things to form self-contained and smart networks, offers enormous potential.

Features of IoRT

Sensing or Perception

IoRT devices, such as IoT devices and robots, use software, sensors, and technology, including RFID and GPS, to sense their surroundings, both physically and digitally. This component of IoRT drives "Sensing As A Service" solutions. Sensing is also essential for coordinating and interacting with humans and other machines.


Undertaking the action necessary to achieve a device's goal is referred to as actuating. This could be done by physical or virtual means. IoT can now conduct activities in the physical world due to the integration of robotics.


IoRT devices use cloud computing and edge computing to execute intelligent computations. Sensory input is employed as a parameter in computations, and machines can learn from the information. IoRT provides the capacity to carry out complex tasks involving several variables, pathways, and actions.

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