Various Types of Kiosks Businesses Should Use

Applied Tech Review | Friday, April 23, 2021

FREMONT, CA : Self Service Kiosk is a popular concept. However, recently they started to acquire momentum and remediate several problems in day to day business operations. Recently there have been several successful implementations in self-service kiosks in many sectors. A successful kiosk implementation needs to replace a present service presently being carried out manually or meets the requirement for a service that is not presently happening.

Self-Service Kiosks are mainly used for offering a service such as taking payment from customers, print certified documents, issue licenses, or perform a booking or a reservation. Information Kiosks, on the other hand, are leveraged to offer information to the users of the system. Information will be concise, detailed where needed, with no requirement to reply to an advisor. User experience is essential in information kiosks. Depending on the project, all kiosks implemented can show the same information if needed. However, location-aware kiosks can show required information at the scheduled times.

Internet kiosks are found in public waiting areas such as airports, train stations, libraries, museums, to name a few. They are leveraged to either offer free or paid internet service at that location. Such a system will enable the owner to track all payments, be notified when there is an error on the machine. However, a good kiosk will automatically manage itself round the clock. In case of a power cut or breakdown, the kiosk would have watchdogs that would automatically restart and login to the last known functional state. These kiosks are comfortable to utilize, more attractive than normal PC, helps anti-vandalism and functions without manual intervention.

As the name suggests, Wayfinding kiosks are kiosks offering a service to assist people in establishing where they are exactly within a location, and what is nearby and how to get there. Each kiosk is geo-fenced and is aware of its present location and all the locations around it. The map data is controlled, and any updates are automatically uploaded to all kiosk. Wayfinding kiosks benefit from interacting with boarding passes, shop receipts, and other objects to make it seamless for the user to navigate to the desired location.

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