Top Technologies Impacting Agribusiness

Applied Tech Review | Friday, March 26, 2021

AgTech offers a variety of technologies and new business models to enhance efficiency and output and manage the challenges in the agriculture sector.

FREMONT, CA: Agriculture remains a significant player in the generation of revenue and a source of food for people worldwide. Over the last few years, this sector has seen many transformations and innovations in the different farming approaches and techniques. The availability of technological inputs has seen the requirement for natural resources and process to enhance agricultural output and mitigating costs. The use of modern technology in agriculture comes with a lot of advantages. Here are the top technology trends shaping the future of the agriculture industry.

Regenerative Agriculture

This idea describes farming and grazing practices that rebuild soil organic matter and restore degraded soil biodiversity, resulting in carbon drawdown and enhancing the water cycle. The damaging effects to the soil from tillage, agricultural chemicals and salt-basedsalt-based fertilizers, and carbon mining are applications. Regenerative agriculture reverses this paradigm to develop for the future. Besides the environmental benefits, regenerative farming can help depleted soil, leading to better yields, nutrient-rich crops, and enhanced resistance to flooding and drought.

Ag Biotech

Organizations operating in plant biotech are developing GMOs, microorganisms, fertilizers, and other treatments to improve crop yields. Animal biotech firms are developing biotech solutions to streamline animal health and production comprising genetics, breeding, feed, and animal health. Biotechnology startups are offering strategic tools for the agricultural sector to meet these market demands.

Automation and Robotics

Startups are creating farm machinery that automates or augments operations to increase productivity and safety by mitigating the need for human labor. Technologies like drones, field monitoring sensors, and analytical software assist growers in monitoring and managing farms, enhancing their potential to identify and address issues, and letting small teams manage more acreage. The pandemic will accelerate automation and robotics technologies as growers look for solutions in this new environment.

Farm Management Software

Farm management software offers modern farmers visibility and control over field activities, operations, finances, and crop performance. It provides a comprehensive farm-management software platform that tracks field activities, communicates work, manages inventories, and offers cost and yield analysis tools.

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