Stimulating an Efficient Innovation Into the Ecosystem Via Ocean Economy

Applied Tech Review | Saturday, January 21, 2023

The exponential upsurge in the ocean tech economy highly contributes to the improvised science and innovation linkages in the ecosystem.                             

FREMONT, CA:Marine ecosystems hold firm ground in climate regulation, food, medicine, new sources of clean energy, job creation, and inclusive growth. However, managing a wide range of maritime economic activities necessitates improved ocean-related knowledge and a variety of precautions to preserve the fragile ecosystem chain of marine sources. Moreover, ocean space has been utilised on a large scale in recent times and is anticipated to soar.

In general, science and innovation play a role in facilitating the much-needed shift away from intensive ocean use and toward more sustainable practices. The balance between increasing ocean use and marine ecosystems’ integrity is critically sought through science, technology, and innovation (STI) action on multiple fronts via innovative conceptual and fresh approaches, often demanded in varied areas.

Oceans are vital to human health, well-being, and economic activity because of the invaluable functions and ecosystem services they provide. Wherein, in conjunction with its burgeoning state, increasing awareness of and effectiveness of the ocean economy's knowledge and innovation networks contributes to improving science and industry linkages. These existing networks are often driven by maritime industries and work as clusters encompassing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). While, several others undergo transformations on account of critically designed centres of excellence and innovation laboratories via leverage of the potential synergies across varied maritime activities.

The networks may either be a private-sector-managed or quadruple-helix approach with induced cooperation among businesses, the research community, the public sector, and civil society via NGOs. Often incorporated in niche areas, these sources are likely highlighted as the most-deployed national and international nods, enabling active industry-science cooperation.

Similarly, bringing together various scientific and industry expert communities that have yet to form associations facilitates fast-paced-driven innovation in the sector. A significant opportunity for accelerating science and innovation exists in leveraging technology synergies across various scientific disciplines and ocean industries. Hence, a range of likely disruptive and step-change innovations are developed in varied oceanographic research laboratories and universities, combining multiple digital technologies. That is, it encircles original scientific and commercial applications in activities as varied as ocean floor mapping, smart shipping, and tracing fish stocks and products in upcoming annual periods.

As a result, a link between experts should be established, with an induced roleplay of ocean economy knowledge and innovation networks.

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