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Applied Tech Review | Sunday, December 06, 2020

FREMONT, CA: The Florida-based Zing has launched a Public Beta for Free Drone Delivery iPhone App for quick deliveries of food and beverages. It has taken a step forward to invite the drone pilots all over the world to try the demo of the application to make independent deliveries by using any DJI drone.

The use of the product is not rocket science. It is as simple as connecting the drone with the application, selecting to coordinate on the map, and tapping on launch. The Zing Drone Delivery flies up to 200 feet and subsequently, takes off towards the delivery location. It gives the pilot manual control once it descends to about 30 feet after reaching the delivery location, for a smooth drop. After the completion of the order delivery, the pilot has to tap the button for return to home besides; it also contains an option for abort to resume the manual control at any point during the flight.

The application includes AirMap, which helps every drone used by the Zing app to stay away from schools, prisons, TFRs, and controlled airspace. In case the delivery has to pass through close contact with these areas, then the pilot will not be able to launch the drone in the first place.

Apart from motivating drone pilots to give a trial to the free app without any shipment loaded, they sell aerodynamic and light weighted delivery devices that can be fixed in the popular drones like Mavic and Phantom. There are nearly 100,000 Part 107 licensed drone pilots in the U.S.A. who are getting an opportunity by Zing to launch their drones for commercial purposes.

The company has made plans to make provisions where the pilots can pick up meals from local restaurants and deliver them to the users. The futuristic technology-based idea of drones delivering food items at the front door has already been able to spread its wings through the Zing: Drone Deliveries app.

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