Personalized Soil Microbial Test to Provide Colony Counts of Essential Microbes

Applied Tech Review | Thursday, September 30, 2021

Personal soil microbial test delivers colony counts of specific microbes capable of releasing soil nutrients and minerals in a way that is easy to decipher.  

FREMONT, CA: The nation's leading personal soil biology company, EcoBiome Innovation Center, LLC, has launched MyEcoBiome. It is an original personal soil microbial test that will provide colony counts of specific microbes that are capable of releasing soil nutrients and minerals in a format that is easy-to-read and interpret. The microbial soil test provides customers with an objective measurement of the unique microbial profiles in their soil, water, and other ecological samples. There are microorganisms responsible for releasing every nutrient and mineral in the soil. The analysis required to measure, interpret, and solve soil health issues adequately has been limited to chemical nutrient tests. Such chemical tests are essential, but they are only half the solution.

Every person will have the opportunity with MyEcoBiome to know their soil cultures in a way that will be easy-to-understand. EcoBiome is an innovative and patent-pending testing platform, supporting and promoting the discovery, identification, and selection of unseen microorganisms in the environment. MyEcoBiome's initial market segments consist of residential homeowners and commercial users in agriculture, turf, and specialty crops. Its further contributions will be in petroleum and wastewater microbiology. MyEcoBiome is an innovative platform that offers individuals a new way to look at their environment and soil through its unique microbial profile. MyEcoBiome has the potential to solve fundamental soil health and plant nutritional issues as well.

The EcoBiome Innovation Center is an innovative environmental microbiology testing lab, utilizing its patent-pending EcoBiome Technology Platform to isolate and characterize each microorganism from environmental samples. The company works intimately with its clients to define their sample to optimize soil health, sustainability, and crop production. The EcoBiome Innovation Center welcomes the opportunity to apply its proprietary technology to detect, isolate, and define the microbial population within an environmental sample, providing valuable information and data about its essential microbial profile.   

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