New Software Platform for sUAS Detection & Threat Alleviation

Food and Beverages | Thursday, November 05, 2020

With the new software platform, a counter-drone technology company is providing the most reliable & actionable airspace activity data for organizations to assess & defend against sUAS threats.          

FREMONT, CA: A market leader in counter-drone technology and airspace security has unveiled DroneTracker 4.1. by building critical advancements to the company's software platform. The new tracker provides advanced radar and PTZ camera integration for sUAS detection and threat alleviation to Dedrone customers. Dedrone's DroneTracker 4.1. classifies and recognizes RF, WiFi, and non-WiFi sUAS. The new software platform collects data from hardware inputs, including the Dedrone RF-100 and RF-300. These data and inputs determine the drone manufacturer, model, time, and length of drone activity. DroneTracker 4.1 triggers alerts and countermeasures upon identification.      

DroneTracker 4.1 features include advanced radar and PTZ camera integration, new classification options for organizations with active sUAS programs, and continuous upgrades to propriety sUAS signature database, DroneDNA. DroneTracker 4.1 expands its compatibility to more radar and PTZ camera sensors for extended range. It helps in the identification of autonomous drones, and verification of sUAS in low-light environments via thermal and infrared detection. The new platform also facilitates security providers to concentrate on only those alerts that necessitate intervention. DroneTracker 4.1 provides users with automated updates of DroneDNA, enabling security teams to select the best sensor hardware to assess and understand the airspace activity explicitly. DroneTracker 4.1 provides its users with an experience that enables team members to access critical information and act upon it before, during, and after a drone incursion.

Dedrone is a market and technology pioneer in airspace security. The company protects businesses from malicious drones by securing the airspace using enhanced hardware and software technology. The Dedrone counter-drone platform integrates hardware sensors and ML software, providing early warning, classification, and alleviation against all drone threats. Dedrone Defense is the only provider and manufacturer of DroneDefender, a non-kinetic, radiofrequency sUAS countermeasure, which protects airspace without jeopardizing collateral damage.  

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