How New Technologies are Benefitting GIS

Rachel Smith, Applied Technology Review | Tuesday, January 26, 2021

More companies have started using GIS because it helps them accurately navigate the location with new technologies.

FREMONT, CA: In the past few years, the openness of systems, software, and data has become a rising technology sector trend. These trends have also massively contributed to offering immeasurable value for GIS technology and practices. The GIS Professional market and applications survey of more than 200 GIS professionals found that the respondents' maximum wants the trend of openness to continue.

Due to this system, more companies will have access to the open source of GIS software and open data, the number of small businesses making use of GIS continues to grow. Many other trends are restructuring the GIS market, it even consists of mobile GIS and visualization.


Technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality can be the future of GIS. The utilization of AR and VR is continuously increasing because the users become more comfortable with technology. This is one of the primary reasons that more developers will use the capabilities of GIS in their applications. These GIS-based AR apps are utilized by anyone, starting from architects to oil workers and municipal services. They can use the app to see the location and orientation of objects underground.

The game developers in the future will also start using GIS for developing virtual worlds that will serve as the creative mind's playground. It is one of the areas where 3D and mobile GIS can collaborate. The mobile GIS applications can develop immersive experiences anywhere out in the field with 3D spatial information.

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The technique that GIS uses to map cities and roadways is now being utilized for developing indoor maps. The technology is still in its initial stages of development and adoption, but in the future, the popularity of GIS has indoor mapping likely to increase because people will need it to navigate large, complicated buildings. A highly advanced and detailed indoor mapping technology will enhance safety for emergency responders.


The future of GIS is very optimistic as it will be adopted on a broader scale when more companies will learn the business value from geospatial data. Trends like data analytics, mobility, AR, and IoT will continue to evolve due to which geographic information science and technology will help change the way organizations make use of these technologies.

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