Grinnel Mutual Embraces Drone Technology, Joins Hands with Kespry

Applied Tech Review | Monday, October 12, 2020

A roof inspection for damage insurance assessment using conventional methods is time-consuming. When drones are used, the task is finished faster and assessors can check the data on-site and can make critical assessments on the spot. Many firms are moving away from conventional methods to high-end technologies such as drones.

Fremont, CA: Iowa based Grinnel Mutual, an insurance firm dealing with property casualty insurance is among the latest companies to replace old property damage inspection methods with high-end drones from Kespry. Kespry is a provider of drone technologies to industrial users.

Also, Grinnell will be leveraging the latter’s aerial intelligence platform for faster and more detailed roof damage inspection on both commercial and residential properties.

When disaster strikes, post rescue, the next critical task is assessing the damages to ensure speedy compensation for the affected property. But sometimes, entering the property would be tough or there could be legal concerns to address before entry is permitted into damaged areas. All these factors can put several insurance claims on hold, and lead to an unsatisfactory customer base.

Chuck Tremain, property damage specialist at Grinnel Mutual says that customers are highly satisfied with the accuracy of data collected through drones.

Highly complex insurance claims or claims involving multiple properties are quite common after any disaster. However, through the use of drones, Grinnel has found it easy to deal with such issues.

How do they work? The drones employed capture high-resolution images that are combined with complex 3D photos of roofs of properties. The next step is to merge the images thus obtained with artificial intelligence (AI) and algorithm assessments that are based on machine learning. These are developed in the Kespry cloud.

These assessments are relied upon by adjusters to arrive at precise decisions regarding storm-related damage and further to arrive at the correct claim decisions.

During damage assessment, drones could be deployed and the evaluators can maintain a safe distance from the affected areas.

“Our platform delivers incredibly high-resolution, accurate aerial imagery and unbiased reports, creating transparency and trust among everyone involved in Grinnell Mutual’s claims cycle. We’re incredibly pleased to play a role in enhancing how Grinnell Mutual conducts inspections for the better”, says George Mathew, CEO, Kespry. 

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