Bruker and Purity-IQ Collaborate to Create a Powerful Testing System for Medical Cannabis

Applied Tech Review | Thursday, November 12, 2020

The latest testing system is the first step for the cannabis industry in providing safe, uniform, and effective products.

FREMONT, CA: Bruker and Purity-IQ collaborate to create a powerful new testing system for medical cannabis in Canada. The Purity-IQ Cannabis Fingerprint combines Bruker's expertise in nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) based screening technology with Purity-IQ's genomics abilities to provide traceability and identity testing throughout the cannabis supply chain.

Presently, there are no standardized regulations between states or countries for quality control in cannabis, making it challenging for consumers to decide about the product they are purchasing. Bringing two powerful technologies together gives the supply chain the opportunity to move the cannabis industry to a consistent and compliant platform.

The Purity-IQ Global Cannabis Registry is the only database derived from the genomic and metabolomic identification of cannabis and hemp products and will serve to track and trace within the supply chain. Genomics is used to determine cannabis identity and heredity, and NMR determines the purity and consistency of the product at a molecular level, providing traceability, authenticity, and identity throughout the supply chain from the plant to the finished product. This is achieved through creating a unique chemical fingerprint, using the Purity-IQ Cannabis Fingerprint to generate new Cannabis Authenticity and Purity Standard (CAPS).

A genetic fingerprint alone is not enough to produce a full picture. To generate a complete fingerprint, cannabis strains must also be profiled using NMR technology. NMR offers many advantages compared to other technologies available on the market. As an untargeted analysis method, it provides a comprehensive view of the metabolome. NMR is inherently quantitative, making it easy to decide the relative concentrations of substances in a mixture accurately and rapidly.

Bruker's unique NMR based screening technology is well established and tailored specifically for the analysis of food. The FoodScreener provides the NMR fingerprint specific to an individual sample. The profile can then be compared with a large database of spectra for known authentic samples. This innovative instrument provides a valuable tool for quality control monitoring and testing for purity and authenticity issues.

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