Benefits of Remote Security and Video Surveillance

Applied Tech Review | Thursday, October 14, 2021

Remote security and video surveillance ensure better security and cost savings.

Fremont, CA: Security threats are everywhere. Commercial premises, equipment and storage yards, even trade booths and exhibit shows are often targeted by thieves, trespassers, and vandals. Sometimes the most significant risks are already inside the organization and working to exploit it.

Modern video surveillance and remote security are the two most powerful tools businesses can use to deter criminals and stop damage to their profits and productivity.

Here are some benefits of a remote security system:

  • Remote security cameras enable consumers to check in and interact with their security feed from any location, in real-time, using any digital device.
  • Remote security agents check the feed to monitor the intensity of threats, interact with the infiltrator directly and alert law enforcement accordingly.
  • Modern and advanced analytics can read and comprehend license plates to track any suspicious individual quickly.
  • When light quality is poor, features like infrared and thermal imaging can track body heat.
  • Remote security cameras with 360-degree views offer an expansive view and better site coverage.

Installing video surveillance can be beneficial in the following ways:

Better protection from accidents and frauds

Workplaces are prone to accidents. It is always beneficial to have reliable security footage to discover the actual cause of an accident and ensure whether the business has to pay for it. Also, the insurers will appreciate having evidence for any incident to support claims. Law enforcement can make use of the visuals to identify any internal or external criminal activity. It is always better to record and store footage because it can be evidence for a case and prove to be useful at any point in time for the business.

Quick installation

Video surveillance may be up and operating in minutes due to wireless technology that doesn't rely on easily accessible power outlets to determine its position. Mobile video units can be set up fast and on-demand at any place for as long as they're needed.

Cost savings

Video surveillance is much cheaper than deploying physical guards. It does not need long-term contracts. Units can be rented according to the need, and billing is fixed, which saves cost. However, units can be added or removed according to the surveillance equipment being used. Investing in video surveillance also assures the insurers of the business that there will be no security evidence concerns if an accident occurs.

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