Auterion Enables Impossible Aerospace to Launch New US-1 Drone

Applied Tech Review | Sunday, November 08, 2020

FREMONT, CA: Auterion recently entered into an agreement with Impossible Aerospace to unveil the all-new US-1 unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). The drone has a flight time of two hours. Auterion leverages global industry standards to develop open-source enterprise operating systems for drones.

Impossible Aerospace, a Silicon Valley-based manufacturer of high-performance UAVs, has the mission to develop the highest quality electric aircraft for safety and law enforcement organizations. The company is backed by Bessemer Venture Partners, Airbus Ventures, and Eclipse ventures. 

Safety incidents require immediate response, but it can be often hindered by the lack of visual information and support. Hence, the real-time intelligence and data from drones are vital during public emergencies to keep the control centers up to date with the developments to organize the safety operations. The two-hour flight duration will enhance safety operations, providing a seamless stream of data supply. The auditable and government recognized operating system by Auterion enables the drone to function effectively without glitches.

The US-1 UAV made its first run in February with a California-based police force. The US-1 possess the longest flight time of any quadcopter in the market. The new product joined the arsenal of drones and helicopters utilized by the police agencies. The drone will empower them to conduct recons and gather information remotely. Thus, it not only makes aerial imagery easier but also reduces the first responder cost.

The UAV can be utilized by public safety organizations to stream live footage to the control centers. The open-source approach adopted by Auterion in its services will help in the seamless integration of the UAV systems into their IT-infrastructures.

The Auterion PX4, the operating system used by US-1, is utilized by drone pilots, businesses, and enterprises all around the world. The open-source approach adopted by Auterion to build its infrastructure, enables drone manufacturers to integrate their products with the secure operating system easily. It aims to secure the software infrastructure of the drones, at the same time, scaling and future-proofing drone operations for businesses, police agencies, and safety organizations.

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