Motus Group: Shifting Environmental Compliance from Burden to Benefit

Erik Moe, Co-Founders, Motus GroupErik Moe, Co-Founder
Power plants remain dominant emitters of mercury, acid gases, and other toxic metals in the U.S., making them a major hazard to human health. Despite best efforts, approximately 40 percent of power plants still do not have advanced pollution control equipment, putting them at risk for regulatory non-compliance, according to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

To increase compliance adoption, the industry approach must shift from reactive to strategic, proactively identify new risks and operational complexities, and understand the ever-changing compliance-related requirements.

Motus Group’s expertise is built from proactive and beneficial solutions. By bringing together energy producers, technology developers, and end-user data, Motus Group enables energy producers to meet their unique compliance challenges.

“We are leaders in delivering Environmental-Compliance-as-a-Service (ECaaS), and our goal is to ensure that our clients have a safe, cost-effective, and reliable solution for their businesses’ compliance strategy,” says John Schminky, co-founder of Motus Group.

From planning emissions compliance strategies to providing bulk material handling equipment, Motus Group offers a suite of multi-disciplined engineering solutions and services, along with strategic guidance, to help power-generating industries promote growth that is both sustainable and compliant.

“Due to a continuously changing workforce, a lot of crucial information on how compliance can be achieved gets lost. On top of that, the ever-evolving regulatory space adds many unknowns of what new compliance requirements are on the horizon,” states Erik Moe, co-founder of Motus Group. “We keep reliability and sustainability at the forefront, helping our clients predict failures and keep their systems optimized to meet Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements.”

Motus Group is well-suited for this role thanks to the founding partners’ experience working closely with their customers and other providers of industrial pollution control solutions.
Their domain expertise fosters the improvement of existing technologies, enabling power plants to meet stringent regulations more efficiently. For example, the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS) rule forced older power plants to reevaluate their equipment and compliance strategy. Motus Group’s ECaaS sheds light on their emissions-related compliance gaps and reintroduces the lost knowledge to owners while keeping their plant’s operations optimized and in line with MATS compliance standards.

One of Motus Group’s biggest strengths is in their ability to custom design upgrades and turnkey solutions for bulk material handling equipment across numerous applications. Motus Group assists organizations in selecting the right equipment by considering the facility’s unique challenges to ensure the solution serves its intended purpose.
John Schminky, Co-Founder
The company offers permanent Activated Carbon Injection (ACI), Dry Sorbent Injection (DSI), and chemical pumping equipment to target acid gas emissions like Hg, SO2, SO3, and HCI. Motus Group guides customers, from evaluation of compliance needs to the installation of equipment, and delivers solutions that best address their plant’s unique regulatory challenges.
  • We are leaders in delivering Environmental- Compliance-as-a-Service (ECaaS), and our goal is to ensure that clients have a safe, cost-effective, and reliable solution for their businesses’ compliance strategy

Motus Group also leads the industry in providing top-of-the-line temporary chemical and sorbent-injection equipment that conveys selected sorbents into the flue gas stream to reduce acid gas emissions. Its testing equipment further helps determine which sorbents might work best for clients, and which injection rates will achieve compliance most efficiently.

Apart from the big wins, Motus Group regularly celebrates its smaller victories, which might be as simple as identifying and repairing equipment that interferes with a company’s compliance standards, through their Sorbent Injection System Evaluation (SISE) program. As part of this program, Motus also offers replacement parts needed to keep equipment running at peak efficiency.

Through such successful projects, Motus Group is building the scaffolding that makes a future of clean energy possible. The company understands that change, by its nature, is destabilizing; but with their help, clients can embrace regulatory changes while keeping their systems running, crew working, and plants profitable.
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Erik Moe, Co-Founder and John Schminky, Co-Founder

Motus Group aims to support heavy industrial facilities by providing process integration support, emission compliance strategies, and heavy-duty material handling solutions, keeping their systems running, crew working, and plants profitable.

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